First blog post



Hello and welcome to all. I wanted to start a blog because I’m hoping to help shine a light on a topic that is close to my heart – mental health. Mental health receives a lot of (too much) stigma within society and it’s time this diminishes.

Through this blog I would like to create a safe haven for people around the world to express their feelings by writing them down, either in words, poems, songs and/or art. There is no single correct way to express ones feelings. Everyone finds comfort in expressing themselves in different ways. After all, we may all be human but we are diverse and no two persona’s are the same. We all have a voice that should be heard and it’s about time we supported one another and listened to what we all have to say. This blog is by no means a professional organisation that specialises in helping individuals with their mental health but rather is a place where people can talk to each other about the problems they are facing and share their stories because they do matter. A problem shared is a problem halved. I visualise people as being the authors’ of our own book and from time to time many of us experience writers block, where we are unable to express ourselves for a while, but we needn’t fear because it only takes a few words of inspiration from a loved one, friend, idol or even stranger to find our creativity again. I am here through this blog to hopefully spread optimism and positivity. Human connection is the key to happiness, we are a social species, so what better way is there than to connect with each other on a vast scale than through the Internet?! Although the 21st century is advanced in many ways, it lacks the ability to freely talk about mental health and pessimistic mindsets and rather focuses on the successes of other trivial matters. It’s time this changed. We, as a community can and will make this change and show people that we are here for each other. One voice can barely be heard amongst a crowd but it can cause a ripple effect – making people aware that someone somewhere is trying to say something. It is when combined as a community our voices will be amplified and we will let the world know that one voice, our voice, in unison, is louder than a crowd of individuals.

So please if you would like to share any quotes that you have read that have inspired you or any song lyrics or anything that I have mentioned at the start please leave a comment with it in, let’s start supporting each other. Thank you for reading. ☺️